Headaches: Often a “Pain in the Neck”

Many people suffer from frequent headaches. Some experience headaches so often that they feel there is no option other than to accept it. Others turn to pain medications which only mask the pain- without addressing the root cause of the headache.

Some people are not aware that there are many common causes of headaches which Better Way Physical Therapy can provide a long-term solution to… often in just a few short sessions!

Headaches can be referred pain from various locations in the neck. Some examples include muscular tension in the upper trapezius, suboccipital muscles, sternocleidomastoid, or temporalis, as well as compression of the 2nd cervical nerve root, or misalignment of the 2nd cervical vertebrae.

Better Way Physical Therapy is able to evaluate and solve all of these common causes of headaches. Our mission is to help you live pain free, stay healthy and active, avoid pain medications, and prevent surgeries. We specialize in healing back, neck, and shoulder pain in adults over the age of 40.


If you want to get rid of your headaches once and for all, take the first step towards a pain free life.



Call 512-763-9330 Now to Schedule an Appointment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy located in Georgetown, TX!



Click HERE to see a 2016 research article published in the “Frontiers in Neurology” journal, which found that 7 out of 10 Randomized Controlled Trial studies indicate patients experience greater improvement in headache symptoms when treated with mobilization and manipulation, which are manual therapy techniques that Better Way Physical Therapy provides.



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