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Better Way Physical Therapy specializes in manual therapy to heal back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain in adults over the age of 40.


1-on-1 with Doctor of Physical Therapy

Long Term Solution to Pain

100% Individualized Treatment Plans

All Natural Treatment

No Hidden Fees


In addition to providing Manual Therapy, your Doctor of Physical Therapy will also teach you the best movements and exercises to accelerate your healing and prevent the pain from returning.



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Feel better, move better, live better


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“Well I have another appointment this morning. I think this will be my 6th. I’m going to make it my last since I am back to 100%. Back on the bowling team, playing with my kids again, I even survived my oak pollen coughing fits. I wouldn’t use Peter as a last resort, I’d go to him first. If you’re really laid up, he will come to your house. Absolute miracle worker.” – Randy Barnaby

“I have suffered with debilitating back pain for six years after being super athletic my whole life. My pain has kept me from the things I am passionate about — running, biking and swimming. I have seen 4 surgeons over the years since the pain started and all of them wanted to fuse my spine together at my neck and lower back. I refused and am so glad I did! I started seeing Dr. Pete 2 weeks ago and am thrilled to say that I am finally getting REAL relief! I had tried everything from Chiropractics, shots, acupuncture, massage, pills, physical therapy, diet, supplements, etc. to no avail. I am hopeful for the first time in a long time to be getting my life back! Thank you Dr. Pete!!” – Kathie Temple

“Better Way Physical Therapy: Expert Treatment, Prompt, Accessible… When I set up the appointment, I expected this would be the first of a long treatment plan. To my surprise Dr. McGrath was able to diagnose and provide lasting relief through a series of stretches and easing trigger points. Before our appointment it was a real struggle moving from the sitting to standing position. After our appointment I was able to move with ease.” -Jennifer Powell

“I work out three days a week for 2 hours. I have had chronic shoulder pain and numbness for three years from my neck down to my hand. . Peter helped me 300%. After four visits, I have only have improved to almost small pain in hand. At 67, I wish I had gone to him sooner !!!”

“Better Way PT relieved my back and foot pain. Very professional and compassionate. The one hour apts enabled me to progress faster with my care. I highly recommend Dr Pete McGrath.”

“I had a very pleasant experience at Better Way Physical Therapy. Dr. Pete. Is the greatest. He informs you of everything he’s doing and going to do every step of the way. It is so relaxing and comfortable there. I will recommend Better Way Physical Therapy to anyone needing treatment.”

“I’ve seen Peter McGrath for two visits now and my back feels better than it has for a long time. I highly recommend Better Way Physical Therapy.” -Carol R.

“OMG. If you are in pain and need Physical Therapy, you have to go to Better Way Physical Therapy. Pete is the greatest. He is easy going and he doesn’t put anymore on you than you can possibly handle. If the pain is too much, he will tell you to let him know and he will decrease the pressure. Better Way Physical Therapy is a relaxing place to be. I recommend Pete highly. So if a pain free life is what you want go to Better Way.” -Robin C



To schedule an appointment,

Call 512-763-9330 Now!

Need more information? Call for a FREE phone consultation.

Prefer to meet in person? Call to schedule a FREE 20 minute Discovery Visit.

Have a question for the Doctor of Physical Therapy? Call 512-763-9330 or email



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