Chronic Low Back Pain: Exercising Deep Core Muscles is Effective for Pain Relief

Improving the strength and stability of core muscles is an important component of treatment for low back pain. This study compared the efficacy of 4 different types of core exercises to see which specific exercises are most beneficial to reduce chronic low back pain.

The authors of the study concluded that exercising the deep muscles of the core is the most effective for reduction of chronic low back pain. The deep muscles of the core, such as Transverse Abdominis and Lumbar Multifidi, play an important role in stabilizing and holding your back solid to prevent any shifting. As you move, your body’s center of gravity changes, and it is the responsibility of the deep core muscles to compensate for the change in your center of gravity. In order to produce movement, other muscles pull on your core, and if your deep core muscles do not properly stabilize, this causes extra strain on tissues which are not designed to repetitively absorb this strain. Over time this improper distribution of force causes injury and pain. Proper core stability redistributes the forces so your back is supported by the deep muscles that are responsible for protecting your back. This in turn removes the repetitive irritation and strain on the injured tissues causing your pain, which then allows them to heal. Additionally, proper core stability helps to prevent future pain and injury in your back.

Your Doctor of Physical Therapy can evaluate your body and determine which specific exercises will be most beneficial for your individual case. 1-on-1 instruction in these exercises ensures proper performance and muscle activation. Your Doctor of Physical Therapy can create a high quality individualized exercise program for YOU as part of your plan of care, which is also likely to include highly skilled manual therapy to accelerate your healing process. The exercises prescribed to you will reinforce and compliment the improvement caused by manual therapy, and stabilize your body structures in their optimal position so that you do not become dependent on returning to the clinic for additional manual therapy adjustments. Better Way Physical Therapy is able to empower you with a long term solution to your back pain so that you are able to move better, live better, and feel better! Our mission is to improve your quality of life by helping you to live pain free so you are able to enjoy the activities you love.

Click HERE to see the research article published in 2015 in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science.

*Update 1/14/2017: A research article published in 2017 also indicated that lumbopelvic core stabilization exercise can reduce pain in individuals with chronic low back pain. To see the research article published in 2017, click HERE.

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