Study Shows Early Physical Therapy Treatment for Back Pain Saves Patients 60% on Health Care Costs

A study published in 2015 reviewed the health care costs of 122,723 patients with low back pain. Those who received early physical therapy treatment (within 14 days of their initial physician visit) saved 60% on their health care costs related to treatment of their low back pain.

At Better Way Physical Therapy, we help patients save money on back pain treatment by providing long-term solutions to your pain. Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will treat the root cause of your pain and empower you with a plan to prevent your pain from coming back.

If you have back pain, call today and ask how we can help you feel better, move better, and live better- without pain pills or surgery!

Click HERE to see the American Physical Therapy Association’s Summary of the Study

Click HERE to see the Published Medical Research Study

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